New Products

Telecentric lenses with tunable working distance

10. May 2017

In case measuring objects at different heights in industrial testing applications, telecentric lenses are indispensable. Unfortunately, users quickly hit the limitations of the exploitable depth of field.

Telecentric lenses with a FOV of up to Ø 190 mm

07. May 2017

Especially in the area of large object fields the offers on the market are very different from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Observation of trapped ions

19. February 2017

Beside laser optics and lenses or illuminations for machine vision, the third main pillar of Sill Optics are custom made optics.

Color corrected F-Theta Scan Lens for Ultra Short Pulse Lasers

15. February 2017

First of its kind fully color corrected F- theta scan lens for ultra-short pulse lasers from Sill Optics GmbH & Co. KG. 

Large diameter aspheres for fiber collimation

14. February 2017

Aspheres offer the great advantage to accomplish monochromatic imaging tasks with one optical element where multiple lens elements would otherwise be needed.