Color corrected F-Theta Scan Lens for Ultra Short Pulse Lasers

15. February 2017

First of its kind fully color corrected F- theta scan lens for ultra-short pulse lasers from Sill Optics GmbH & Co. KG. 

Lasers with pulses shorter than 1 picosecond, the laser creates a noticeable spectral bandwidth which will degrade the spot performance via chromatic errors. For example, an 800 femtosecond Gaussian shaped pulse has a spectral width of about 2 nm and a 250 femtosecond pulse has a width of almost 7 nm (1064 nm, FWHM). This will aberrate the spot in an F-theta lens which is designed to focus only one wavelength. Two new scan lens from SILL uses multiple glass types in its design so all the wavelengths within a pulse are in focus at the work surface. The lenses have focal lengths of 100 mm, are telecentric, have scan areas of 35 mm x 35 mm and will accept a maximum 10 mm 1/e² input beam.

The S4LFT7010/008 covers from 1500 – 1600 nm, the S4LFT7010/450 from 1000 – 100 nm and the S4LFT7012/292 from 510 – 590 nm. All three lenses are designed to have no internal ghosts or back reflections which can damage lens elements within the lens.

Our product range also includes an ultra-short pulse compatible beam expander with

fixed magnification factor of three and designed for 1000 – 1100 nm range. The S6ASS4803/450 has a 10 mm (1/e²) maximum input beam diameter and M30x1 mounting.