Telecentric Lenses with long working distance

24. October 2016

In contrast to standard machine vision lenses, telecentric lenses have a defined working distance. Thus, resolution and distortion are optimized for this distance and the lens works at best possible conditions.

In many cases, we offer a modified working distance for specific requests. If a very long working distance is necessary, that often means loss of performance.

In many applications, a large distance is required, if the installation space is very tight or if the vision system has to look on a self-contained process through a window.

For some magnifications, we already offer telecentric lenses with large working distance ≥ 300 mm. For larger magnification, a lens design with long working distance becomes more critical. With 3 new lenses we enlarge the magnification range to provide WD > 300 mm for magnification up to 0,41x.

Furthermore, we offer specific lenses which have a magnification 1x up to 4x with comparatively long working distances.