Research participation

Sill Optics is involved in some external research projects. Dr.-Ing. Mona Naderi is at your disposal as contact person.

Current projects


Modular controllable laser spot for temperature-filed-matched welding of complex plastic components


Completed projects

Project HARaMold

This project will make economic production of high aspect ratio molds possible by combining water guided laser machining and low coherence interferometry in one production machine.

HARaMold project web page

Project ADALAM

Sensor based adaptive laser micromachining using ultrashort pulse lasers for zero-failure manufacturing


Project MicroSpotCladding

Scanner based micro conductor laser surface cladding for selective coating.

Project ERIS

Energy efficient remote welding of body work materials via innovative beam sources

Project MAShES

Multimodal spectral control of laser processing with cognitive abilities.

Project TOMOSphere

Tomographic monitoring of 3D cell cultures from pluripotent stem cells



Development of a fast resonant scanner for laser micromachining based on a novel electromagnetic drive technology.


Project ALAS

Adaptive Laser cladding System with variable spot sizes.


Project TFOS

Development of a thermally compensated F-theta lens for „Selective Laser Melting.



The ORBITAL project (titled Design, development and evaluation of an orbital laser welding head) started in January 2011 due to the interest of implementing the laser welding process in industrial applications where orbital welding is needed.


Project TooLAM

Development of adaptive tool systems for the flexible and cost-efficient machining of advanced ceramic and metallic materials by laser- assistedmilling.


InnoNet Project Microdrill

Precision drilling technique for manufacturing complex shaped drilled holes with high aspect ratio.


Project OkuDalas

Surface conditioning of copper materials for stabilization of continuous wave laser micro welding

Project Nanopol

Polarization-sensitive wavefront sensor based on "nano-gratings" for characterization of thermal aberrations