Newsletter 2/2019 

  • Industrial 3D printing – Additive manufacturing
  • Telecentric fused silica scan lenses for short pulse laser
  • Camera-based observation in laser material processing
  • Optics for 420 nm - 480 nm
  • Example for custom made optics: observation of trapped ions

March 2017

Telecentric lenses with variable working distance

Vision Systems Design March 2017


This lens has been granted the quality seal “inVISION Top Innovation 2017”.  The journal inVISION awarded this honor with an independent jury of experts for the third time and hence dignifies innovative products and solutions in the area of machine vision.

Mittweidaer Lasertagung 2019

29. July 2019

November 13-14, 2019

Laserinstitut Hochschule Mittweida

09648 Mittweida