Company News

Lens development awarded

10. March 2017

One of our newest developments - “telecentric lenses with focus tunable lenses“ - has been granted the quality seal “inVISION Top Innovation 2017”.  The journal inVISION awarded this honor with an independent jury of experts for the third time and hence dignifies innovative products and solutions in the area of machine vision.

Berndt and Christa Zingrebe celebrated their 150th birthday

13. February 2017

Together 150 years old - that must be celebrated! On 10.02.2017 Berndt Zingrebe invited together with his wife Christa to celebrate their two 75th birthday. Over 200 guests followed the invitation, many customers, suppliers and, of course, the family. The company's employees were also invited to the event, which was enriched by a show of "Physicists".

Berndt Zingrebe celebrates his 75th birthday

05. February 2017

Berndt Zingrebe, Managing Director of Sill Optics in Wendelstein, celebrates his 75th birthday. Also this year, he looks back to a 35-years´commitment to the company he has managed since 1994 .

Gymnasium Wendelstein erfolgreich beim FLL-Wettbewerb 2016

07. December 2016

Das Robotics-Team „Robonator“ nahm in diesem Schuljahr zum vierten Mal am FLL- Wettbewerb in Nürnberg teil und konnte mit dem Fünften Platz in der Gesamtwertung unter 19 Teams, die bisher beste Plazierung des Gymnasiums Wendelstein erreichen.

new trainees 2016

29. November 2016

This year, also five new trainees have startet their journey towards beeing opticians. This apprenticeship takes about 3.5 years where the specific steps from glass blanks towards coated and polished lenses are addressed. This does not only include spherical but also aspherical surface shapes. Beside mathematics and physics, visual thinking is key.