Berndt Zingrebe celebrates his 75th birthday

05. February 2017

Berndt Zingrebe, Managing Director of Sill Optics in Wendelstein, celebrates his 75th birthday. Also this year, he looks back to a 35-years´commitment to the company he has managed since 1994 .

Berndt Zingrebe, who was born in Göttingen, is a production expert for fine optics and mechanics with international experience. He has recognized the signs of the time and with constant innovative investments he has advanced the medium-sized business from a lens manufacturer to a market leader of high-tech precision lenses for machine vision, laser components, medical technology and metrology.

Since 1994, the number of employees was increased from 49 to more than 200 employees by now and Sill Optics has become one of the biggest employers in Wendelstein. To train young people is a a matter of personal importance to Berndt Zingrebe as the number of 19 trainees shows.

We all look forward to celebrate his 60th anniversary of his professional next spring.