New Products

1:1 Telecentric Lenses for Sony IMX342/IMX571 and similar APS-sensors

30. September 2021

Increasing data volume and speed enlarge the possibilities of larger CMOS sensors with more and more pixels.

High performance 2.0x telecentric lens for 20 MP sensors

30. September 2021

Requirements for precision measurement in machine manufacturing regarding achievable resolution increased over years and are still increasing.

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Focus tunable Telephoto lenses for laser process observation

30. September 2021

To realize a laser process observation through an F-Theta lens, usually a coaxial imaging path with a telephoto lens is used. Thereby the field of view moves across the scan area along the laser beam.

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Trapped ion lenses for qubit development

10. March 2021

During the last few years the performance of our computers has increased while their size has been reduced. But there is a physical limit on this development because quantum effects play a significant role on very small sized transistors.

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New high power usableversion of the S4LFT0163/126

08. February 2021

The thermal focus shift is typically a problem caused by optical glass lenses.