New Products

Microstructuring with application specific lenses

12. October 2017

Lasers have been established as universal tools in countless applications and the numbers are steadily increasing.

Motorized aperture adjustment – customized integration into telecentric lenses

12. October 2017

Variable apertures have an important advantage regarding the optimum imaging setup.

Telecentric lenses with coaxial illumination

11. October 2017

More than 10 years ago Sill Optics has presented as one of the first manufacturers, telecentric lenses with coaxial illumination coupling.


09. August 2017

Aspheres offer the great advantage to accomplish monochromatic imaging tasks with one optical element where multiple lens elements would otherwise be needed.

F-Theta lenses for large scanner apertures

09. June 2017

With ongoing improvements in the development of laser systems, laser intensities are still increasing with the goal of enabling faster processing speed. This progress does result in ever increasing requirements for lenses.