New Products

Expansion of the Mini series

18. April 2018

Size is a matter of definition. Depending on the industrial sector, some millimeters can be a tolerance or determine the function. 

New F Theta lens with large scan field

18. April 2018

A hundred years ago the idea of cutting material without touching it seemed to be science fiction. 

Fused silica F Theta lenses in ghost free design

18. April 2018

In principle optical designers differ between optical glass and two types of fused quartz glass. On the one hand melted minerals containing silicon oxide are the basic for natural fused quartz. 

Telecentric lenses with focus tunable lenses

08. April 2018

In many industrial inspection applications, different object heights have to be measured. Therefore, object sided telecentric lenses are recommended to use the entire depth of field with a constant magnification.

Telecentric f-theta lenses with large scan area at f = 125 mm

16. January 2018

Beam focusing has an important role to play in many spheres of technical optics.