New Products

High power laser lens for 1550 nm

19. April 2013

Sill Optics new high power laser lens S4LFT1330 has proven itself in a wide variety of short-pulse applications. This f-theta lens is available in different versions, for example optimized for the wavelengths 355 nm 515 nm – 545 nm, 1030 nm – 1090 nm, and now as new version for 1550 nm. 

New lens holder

19. April 2013

The adjustment of optical components into a laser beam is often a challenge.Many commercial holders realize tilt or an axial offset by a fine adjustment only. The new holder of Sill Optics realizes both: 

New cost-optimized scan lenses

17. April 2013

Cost pressures in the labeling sector meet the manufacturers hard. Sill Optics takes this into account and present new cost-optimized scan lenses for popular focal lengths from 100 mm, 160 mm and 254 mm at LASER World of Photonics 2013 in Munich.

Large aperture beam expander

11. January 2013

Many high-performance applications require a beam expander with a large aperture. The S6EXZ5312/328 is optimized for such applications and realizes stepless magnifications between 1.2x and 3x. 

Special optics for 1550 - 1980 nm

18. December 2012

Welding clear polymers using 1.4 µm to 2 µm erbium or thulium fiber lasers with asphere or 2 axis f-theta lens optics. Lasers emitting from 1.4 µm to 2 µm have played a unique role in medical, airborne and manufacturing applications.