New Products

New short pulse suitable scan lens

14. May 2012

The S4LFT31xx is a new F-theta scan lens series which provides very large scan fields at a relatively short focal length of 163 mm. The lenses are almost telecentric (AOI>5°) and have been optimized to eliminate internal ghosts and back reflections.

Scan lens for high power lasers

19. April 2012

We offer a new scan lens, model S4FLT2500/328, which is designed for multi kilowatt high power laser application. This is the first 30 mm aperture lens which is made of fused silica with low absorption anti-reflection coatings to dramatically reduce internal absorption in the bulk material and the coating. 

7x Zoom Lens for ½ " Cameras

13. March 2012

Sill Optics has upgraded its 7x zoom lens. The magnification varies from 0.7x up to 4.9x, which covers an object field of 8x6 mm to 1.2x 0.9mm at a working distance of 93 mm. Additionally, an improved mechanics leads to a better repeatability and smoother zooming.

Short pulse scan lens

25. January 2012

The S4LFT4262/075 is a fused silica telecentric scan lens which is optimized for high performance 355 nm short pulse lasers. High quality pure fused silica is used to reduce thermal lens effects. 

Zoom beam expander 1x - 5x

19. December 2011

Sill Optics is enhancing its range of zoom expanders with a fused silica version. The magnification range extends from 1x to 5x. The maximum beam diameter should not exceed 6 mm, and is limited by the output aperture of 20 mm at higher magnifications.