New Products

Lenses for high power lasers

14. April 2011

With increasing beam quality of lasers with high average power of several kilowatts, thermal induced focus shift in collimation, beam guiding and focusing optics become more and more apparent.

Scan lens for short pulses

13. April 2011

Short pulse (SP) and ultra-short pulse laser (USP) demand due to their high beam quality and peak intensity optimized f-Theta lenses. Mainly fused silica lenses are used to increase the damage threshold of the f-theta lens because the damage threshold of fused silica is significantly higher compared to standard glass and show less thermal effects.

Telecentric lens for 1" sensors

22. March 2011

Our new double-sided telecentric lens S5LPJ7228/216 has a magnification of 0.28x and a working distance of 240 mm. It is suitable for sensors up to 1", and for a minimum pixel size of 2.6 µm.