Telecentric lenses with a FOV of up to Ø 190 mm

07. May 2017

Especially in the area of large object fields the offers on the market are very different from manufacturer to manufacturer.

The expenditure on raw glass, manufacturing lens elements with high diameters to high precision, and requirements on the optical coating have a significant impact onto the imaging performance and the pricing.

To operate in a more economical way for lenses with diameters larger than 150 mm, Sill Optics is expanding the Correctal T200 series with suitable lenses for up to 1.25” sensors and additional intermediate stages. This series has a consistent working distance of 300 mm and is comparably short in its dimensions.

A special focus has been a high imaging performance for small pixel sizes. Version dependent, the lenses are suitable for pixel sizes of 2
to 3 µm.

Product table