Example for custom made optics: observation of trapped ions

05. February 2019

Beside laser optics and lenses or illuminations for machine vision, the third main pillar of Sill Optics are custom made optics.

With highly proficient optical designers and also developers of mechanical housings, our outstanding experience stands for itself. As mechanical workshop and the precision optical production are located in one place in Germany, we are able to provide customers or research institutes with prototypes or small to medium sized batches of optics specifically designed for the application.
A very recent example can be found in the field of trapped ions. Those cold ions are a research topic with increasing interest over the last years because of their possibility to store Qubits and the related use for quantum computers. Of course, it is not only important to use them, but to know their behaviour in detail via various basic experiments. Sill Optics has designed lenses both, for just observation or observation combined with laser focusing for such experiments.

Those lenses are furthermore exceptional for their high NA and adjustment to specific wavelengths. As the vacuum cryostats differ in dimension, e. g. the window  thickness, every lens has to be designed specifically for the existing conditions.