Advantages of customized Scheimpflug adapters

24. October 2016

A setup following the Scheimpflug principle enables sharp imaging upon angular view onto measurement surface. Via tilting the image plane (sensor plane) by a specific angle, the difference in object position distance is compensated.

Typical applications are measuring tasks with limited space or where the perpendicular view onto the specimen is used by another lens (e.g. in laser material processing by an f-theta lens).Many commercial Scheimpflug adapters have problems in terms of stability, adaptability to the necessary field of view and the required camera mount. Especially the camera mounting is an underestimated topic in most cases. Combined, a severe tilt and a small connection aperture (e.g. C-mount) often prevent a full use of the sensor surface.

In practice, design of a rigid Scheimpflug adapter to an existing lens regarding the given specifications and straight integration to the mounting has been approved. That offers an optimum configuration of magnification, sensor mount and point of view combined with a rigid setup and high imaging performance. Please provide us with details about sensor and object size, the required viewing angle, camera mount, working distance and the necessary resolution when sending your inquiry.