Discotinuated Lenses

During the last years, glass manufacturers have withdrawn several types of glasses from the market, which were an important part of our common product range. The reasons are renouncement of certain glass ingredients due to RoHS directives and decreasing profitability of certain glass types.

Therefore, lens manufacturers have to redesign lenses with appropriate glass types, which meet all the specifications and to ensure a long-term availability.

To get an overview of discontinued lenses and their successors please check the following chart:  

Previous lens Replacement lens Description Discontinuation
S5LPJ0110 S5LPJ0130 Lens Correctal T80/0,097 January 2018
S5LPJ0198 S5LPJ0298 Lens Correctal T50/0.25 June 2016
S5LPJ0199 S5LPJ0299 Lens Correctal T50/0,20 June 2016
S5LPJ0200 S5LPJ0220 Lens Correctal T60/0,10 June 2016
S5LPJ0202 S5LPJ0222 Lens Correctal T60/0,136 June 2016
S5LPJ0203 S5LPJ0223 Lens Correctal T50/0,17 June 2016
S5LPJ0204 S5LPJ0224 Lens Correctal T60/0.12 June 2016
S5LPJ1199 S5LPJ1299 Lens Correctal T60/0,2D June 2016
S5LPJ1204 S5LPJ1224 Lens Correctal T60/0,11 June 2016
S5LPJ1213 S5LPJ1223 Lens Correctal T60/0,16 January 2018
S5LPJ1516 S5LPJ1514 Lens Correctal T120/0,054 June 2016
S5LPJ1520 S5LPJ1522 Lens Correctal T120/0,067 June 2016
S5LPJ1530 S5LPJ1533 Lens Correctal T120/0,098 January 2018
S5LPJ1816 S5LPJ1814 Lens Correctal T150/0,0352 June 2016
S5LPJ1821 S5LPJ1823 Lens Correctal T150/0,044 June 2016
S5LPJ1825 S5LPJ1824 Lens Correctal T150/0,056 February 13
S5LPJ1830 S5LPJ1832 Lens Correctal T150/0,065 January 2018
S5LPJ2204 S5LPJ2224 Lens Correctal T60/0,13 June 2016
S5LPJ2299 S5LPJ2298 Lens Correctal T60/0.25 February 13
S5LPJ2716 S5LPJ2726 Lens Correctal T200/0,05 June 2016
S5LPJ2725 S5LPJ2723 Lens Correctal T200/0,075 January 2018
S5LPJ2899 S5LPJ2893 Lens Correctal T60/0.29 January 2018
S5LPJ5016 S5LPJ5015 Lens Correctal T60/0,16 June 2016
S5LPJ6016 S5LPJ6014 Lens Correctal T85/0,079 June 2016
S5LPJ6020 S5LPJ6022 Lens Correctal T85/0,1 June 2016
S5LPJ6025 S5LPJ6024 Lens Correctal T85/0,12 February 13
S5LPJ6030 S5LPJ6033 Lens Correctal T85/0,14 January 2018
S5LPJ6045 S5LPJ6046 Lens Correctal T85/0.218 September 2016

analogous valid for all S5LPL***