Technicon: Proper Lens handling and cleaning

To ensure a good performance and a long lifetime of optical components, the proper handling and cleaning of lens is critical. Contaminations such as dust, water and processing remnants can increase scatter light and light absorption and also lead to defects. Thus, the optics should be stored in the delivered package and only opened in a clean environment. To avoid fingerprints on the optical surface and corresponding lens damage through skin oils, gloves should be worn. For a better handling of small lenses, the lens mount can be held with a tweezer. Take special care to avoid scratches on the lens surface. 

If contamination is visible on the front lens of an optical system or on a single lens, it can be eliminated by these simple cleaning suggestions: Dust can be removed by using inert dusting gas or a blower bulb. If there is still dust left on the surface, please use special lens tissues for cleaning. As required, the lens tissues can be soaked with acetone for a high cleansing effect and prevention of striations. With severe contamination, it may be necessary to clean the surface first with a solution of distilled water and optical soap. Afterwards rinse with distilled water and alcohol.

Independent demounting of lenses leads to the expiration of the warranty and should be done only by the manufacturer!

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