Our team: It’s in the mix!

The people behind Sill Optics are our greatest assets. Experienced employees impart their wealth of knowledge to curious trainees, while staying open to fresh ideas. This results in a productive, motivated mix: Over half of our employees are technical specialists, many of whom were trained here. Our apprenticeship rate has been at a constant high of an average of 10 per cent for years. Want to be a part of it? Get in touch!


Christoph Sieber

Benjamin Sauter


Günter Toesko
Director Sales & Marketing

Markus Klahr
Manager Internal Sales

Bernhard Westerhoff
Business Development Manager

Dr. Mona Naderi
Research & Development


Dr. Klaus Kerschensteiner


Manuel Zenz


Karen Bloß
Customer Care


Paulo Chaniotis
Customer Care


Sabine Epner
Customer Care


Lenka Hightower
Customer Care


Sara Hildebrandt
Customer Care


Nicola McVicker
Customer Care


Sabrina Rienesl
Customer Care


Jonny Zeulner
Customer Care


Martin Kolb
Projectmanager Laser Optics


Cornelia Halbhuber
Projectmanager Laser Optics


Dr. Jonas Herbst
Projectmanager Laser Optics


Thomas Schuffenhauer
Projectmanager Laser Optics


Nayan Ghinaiya
Projektmanager Laser Optics


Andreas Platz
Projectmanager Imaging Optics

Katharina Friedrich
Projectmanager Imaging Optics

Daniel Mangold
Production Manager


Konrad Hentschel
Quality Manager


Michael Ahlhelm
Purchasing Manager


Julia Christ
Teamleader of Human Resources