Imaging Optics - Lenses for Machine Vision, biomedical Iamging, Semiconductor inspection and optical metrology

For several decades Sill optics has been manufacturing and distributing telecentric lenses for industrial image processing. Based on the success of earlier profile projection lenses, a wide range of telecentric lenses for modern image processing applications has been developed according to the constantly increasing requirements. From lenses with coaxial light coupling, to entocentric macro and wide-angle lenses, to telecentric illumination.

Development as well as manufacturing is done at our own site in Germany. In addition to high quality, our strength lies in our flexibility, which enables us to offer customer-specific solutions, modifications and designs at comparatively short notice.

About the Product Categories

Customized Imaging Lenses

Custom imaging lenses are specially manufactured optical lens systems used in industrial image processing and metrology. These lenses are characterized by the fact that they are manufactured according to your special requirements and needs. This can include customization of focal length, aperture settings, resolution and other parameters. They are our customized solution for demanding machine vision applications where precision and reliability are of utmost importance.

Telecentric Portfolio Lenses

Unlike custom telecentric lenses, which are tailored to individual requirements, standard telecentric lenses are prefabricated models that can be used in various applications. Our product range includes more than 70 lenses.

Special Imaging Lenses

Special imaging objectives are standard objectives that have been adapted to specific requirements or special applications by means of modifications. Essentially, these are standard lenses that have been tailored to your specific needs, but without the extensive customization and uniqueness of custom lenses