New products, new developments


New telephoto lenses for process observation

During process observation within VIS spectrum, chromatical aberrations occur caused by the difference in laser and observation wavelength.

New high power usableversion of the S4LFT0163/126

The thermal focus shift is typically a problem caused by optical glass lenses.

Telecentric scan lenses with 48 mm focal length

In general the rule in optics is that a large image sided NA means a small minimum spot size. So steeply focused, diffraction limited beams result in…

Zoom beam expander for high power lasers

Sill Optics presents the new zoom beam expander S6EXZ0940/574 which is suitable for high power UV lasers at 355 nm.

Optimization of UV lenses

UV lasers become increasingly popular among various domains in the laser industry.

New lens series with coaxial illumination

Magnifying telecentric lenses occupy an intermediate position between macro lenses and microscope lenses.

SWIR lenses with high resolution

To enable higher resolution for industry cameras, smaller pixels or larger sensor sizes are required.

Bitelecentric lenses for highest requirements

Larger sensors, smaller pixels get more and more popular in the industrial machine vision, e.g. the IMX series of Sony with sensor sizes of 1.1” and…

Telecentric lenses for large sensor size

Manufacturer of cameras offer larger sensor sizes with smaller pixels to achieve higher resolutions following the trend.

Optics for 420 nm - 480 nm

Since new generations of blue diode lasers with sufficient beam quality are commercially available, efficient processing of non-ferrous metals or…

Industrial 3D printing – Additive manufacturing

3D printing or rather additive manufacturing is the layer by layer building of components from fine powder.

Color corrected f-theta lens for ultrashort pulse lasers

We present the first of its kind fully color corrected f-theta scan lens for ultra-short pulse lasers from Sill Optics GmbH & Co. KG.