Laser optics - Beam expanders

Beam expanders are optical systems used to increase or decrease the beam diameter. The product of beam diameter and divergence of the laser beam is a constant and therefore remains unchanged, i.e. increasing the beam diameter means reducing the divergence of the beam to the same degree. This is true for the expanders with fixed expansion factor as well as for the zoom expanders, where the magnification is variable. Each type of our beam expanders offers a manual or motorized divergence adjustability.

All optical elements of beam expanders consist of fused silica and provide stable and reliable performance even with high average power or laser with high peak power. Because of the high-power density (especially at the entrance lens element) we advise our low absorption coating as standard product.

For each magnification ratio, at least one beam expander without internal ghost is available offering stable working conditions even at high-power and small entrance beam diameter.

Our beam expanders are available in diverse variations and additional special functions. Please note the following listing as an overview:

  • fixed magnification
  • fixed magnification for large beam diameters
  • compact beam expanders with fixed magnification
  • fixed magnification with motorized divergence adjustment
  • variable magnification (zoom beam expander)
  • motorized variable magnification
  • combined motorized magnification and divergence adjustment