Laser Optics - Accessories

Our laser optics run at peak performance with the right equipment. For example, with an objective holder that makes the calibration of optical components in a laser path as easy as 1, 2, 3. Or with a telephoto lens for precise, impressive camera images. We also provide special equipment to suit your needs – simply let us know!

Some of our scan optics do not have protective windows as a standard. For these types, we recommend our mounted protective windows for the protection of the front lens.

The adjustment of optical components into a laser beam is often a challenge. Many commercial holders realize tilt or an axial offset by a fine adjustment only. The holder of Sill Optics realizes both: a tilt (+/-0.5°) and a lateral shift (in X and Y of +/-1.5 mm) in one mechanical component. This developed holder has an additional remarkable advantage: It tilts the optical system in reference to the optical and not in terms of a lateral shifted axis. Therefore it is not necessary to track the lateral components while angular adjustment. The holder can be mounted in two positions, 0° and 45° or can be integrated directly into a mechanical holder without the base also.

These lenses are designed for observing the process by a camera system through the scan lens. The field of view is defined by the ratio of the focal lengths of the scan lens and of the camera lens. An integrated illumination system through the camera lens is recommended, which concentrates the light exactly onto the required field of view.

Special accessories are available on request.