K|Lens GmbH is a young and innovative company specializing in the development and provision of industrial image processing for industrial applications. With a focused approach of patented hardware for image creation, image preparation for further processing (the image must taste the machine, not the viewer) and the most competitive Multiview AI analysis, we are pioneers in the industry and set new standards for image processing in demanding applications. The K|Lens technology opens up completely new possibilities for companies to perform more accurate and comprehensive analyses from different angles, as well as with additional information such as text, logos or measurement results.

K|Lens customers benefit from precise measurements, inspections and defect detection that were previously difficult to achieve. The added value for K|Lens customers is increased efficiency, lower reject rates and quality assurance and documentation.

The automotive, aviation and medical technology industries use K|Lens solutions in their production lines and show that K|Lens Industrial Vision meets the requirements of sensitive and cost-driven industries.

Naturally, development projects do not always run "smoothly". We were always able to have objective discussions with Sill Optics. We have never lost sight of the development result. The interpersonal cooperation is valuable and even friendly, so that the motivation and commitment is given at all times.

Results of an impactful cooperation

Stefan Beinkämpen, CEO K|Lens: "The collaboration with Sill presented us with a number of demanding challenges. Due to the complex beam path, the integration of high-precision components and the lack of experience from comparable applications, which does not exist due to its uniqueness, a trusting and open cooperation from product development to series production was important to us. We therefore relied heavily on the trust and skills of our supplier Sill.

Coordination at all stages is crucial to ensure that the optics meet the high requirements. Our products require precision down to the smallest detail, which requires continuous communication and close cooperation between our development and production teams and the supplier. Each step must be carefully planned and monitored, with working groups bringing together best practice and lessons learned in an open exchange to ensure that the final products meet the desired performance standards.

The willingness to embark on such a new development requires a high level of trust and commitment on both sides. We value our supplier's dedicated development team, who rise to the challenge of developing innovative solutions for our requirements and making them ready for series production, at competitive prices."

Stefan Beinkämpen, CEO K|Lens: "The decision to work with Sill was a conscious one. Their reputation as a reliable partner and their dedicated development team convinced us. The optical knowledge and skills for a development project like ours, as well as the willingness to share risks and embrace new ideas, made the collaboration particularly attractive. The short lines of communication, including face-to-face meetings, enabled us to exchange ideas efficiently and make decisions quickly. Together, we look forward to a successful partnership that will produce many more innovative results."


Stefan Beinkämpen, CEO K|Lens: "In industrial image processing, it is essential that production cycles are not slowed down, let alone stopped, in order to carry out an optical inspection. In order to present this challenging solution to the manufacturing industry, K|Lens GmbH has set itself the task of realizing an optical idea for the market. A sensor was developed that provides depth information and "rich light field data" based on a light field lens with a single image and any camera. A mirror system acts as an image multiplier and splits the light beams into 9 separate images, which are recorded simultaneously on the camera sensor. Based on these 9 perspectives, the K|Lens software generates a 3D model for further use.

With this unique and patented solution, K|Lens is able to generate in-line images, even in motion, and provide both depth maps and 3D models. The collaboration with Sill resulted from the fact that the requirements for the beam paths are very complex and unusual. In contrast to conventional optics, which mainly "process" a center beam, here the beams are mirrored several times in the lens and brought together again on the camera sensor. Only a collaboration with one of the leading suppliers of optical systems can lead to success here. Sill Optics has taken on this task and developed the complex lenses in two versions."

Dr. Klaus Illgner, K|Lens: "The cooperation with Sill Optics has made a decisive contribution to the Industrieserie III. We now have a product range of full format sensors as well as 1 inch sensors with K|Lens technology to serve the tasks of industrial vision in industrial applications. Sill's dedicated development team has been particularly valuable in developing customized solutions. The high precision of their optics has met our demanding requirements, and their openness to innovative approaches has enriched the collaboration. The short lines of communication enabled us to act quickly and efficiently. Overall, Sill Optics' solutions have met our expectations and have become an important part of our success."


Dr. Klaus Illgner, K|Lens: "Quality assurance in the industry is still confirmed by indirect methods such as process and machine capability, random sampling and, in individual cases, manual subjective visual inspections. This industrial approach is outdated and expensive.

State-of-the-art quality assurance is a 100% in-line inspection, automated and documented for each component/assembly. Especially in the testing of printed circuit boards and connectors, as they are also used in electromobility, no reliable and reproducible quality inspection can be ensured by human visual inspection.

Only our product series, which we were able to develop to series maturity with Sill Optics, enables our customers to view their products from different perspectives, as a depth map or 3D model. Furthermore, we can offer our customers a detailed AI analysis to transform manual subjective inspections into efficient, automated and objective inspections.

Our customers reduce their costs from process, classification and defense against defect and warranty costs through complete documentation. The cost-effectiveness is reflected in a very short ROI and a cost reduction in inspection costs per component."