DUV Optics


Lasers in the deep ultraviolet (DUV) range have become essential in electronics manufacturing, allowing for the creation of structures that are at the limit of human visual perception.

With precise processing capabilities, glass materials or foil-based materials can be accurately handled. Furthermore, due to the telecentricity of the optics, the heat-affected zone is minimized. Our DUV optics provide an ideal solution for these demanding applications.

In many cases, achieving small focal points and large scan fields poses conflicting requirements. However, we have pushed the boundaries of scanning solutions and successfully offer small structures with high throughput simultaneously. With wavelengths of 257 nm or 266 nm, our optics empower electronics manufacturers to achieve precise focal points measuring less than 5 µm on a scan field of up to 20x20 mm².

Moreover, our DUV optics are highly flexible for custom designs, ensuring maximum adaptability to specific requirements.

More information can be found here: Highlights 2024