F-theta lens for the photovoltaic sector


The energy transition presents us with global challenges. Renewable energies such as photovoltaics are of central importance here.

One key to increasing efficiency in photovoltaics is improving the manufacturing processes for solar cells. Laser material processing is used to weld and solder individual cells into a module, for doping selective emitters and for removing very thin anti-reflective and passivation layers. In addition to cost-effective, rapid production, the process offers further advantages for the industry, such as high precision and an achievable line width of a few micrometers. The F-Theta lens S4LFT1330-075 was specially developed for such applications.

Lasers in the ultraviolet range are used in particular for the ablation of anti-reflective and passivation layers. The layers improve optical and electrical properties and thus increase the efficiency of the solar cell. The particularly small focus size in the ultraviolet range enables a correspondingly narrow line width.

Sill Optics GmbH has established itself as a leading supplier of F-Theta lenses for the photovoltaic sector. Although the S4LFT1330-075 is suitable for wafers of size M12/G12, smaller wafers up to M2 can also be processed.

The S4LFT1330-075 lens is suitable for a wavelength range of 343 nm - 355 nm and achieves a spot size of < 18 µm on a 210 mm x 210 mm field when utilizing the free aperture of 14 mm. The product family includes other lenses with similar specifications, which are also designed for other wavelengths in the green (515 nm - 532 nm) and infrared (1030 nm - 1090 nm) range.

Like all products from Sill Optics GmbH, this F-Theta lens is characterized by its advanced optical and mechanical design and high-quality manufacturing standards. Assembly in a clean room ensures a long service life for the lens.

This lens has already been on the market for some time and is used successfully by many customers worldwide. Further information can be found under Downloads.