Health Day on November 8: A Day for the Well-being of Our Employees


On November 8, our focus was entirely on the well-being of our dedicated employees during our Health Day. Throughout the day, we offered a diverse range of activities and information sessions to promote health in the workplace.

The day commenced with a healthy breakfast consisting of muesli, fresh fruits, and refreshing juice. These nutritious delights provided the perfect start to the day, offering an energy boost and setting the tone for the upcoming activities.

The "Back Check," a maximal strength test for abdominal and back muscles, was a widely utilized offering. Many of our employees took advantage of the opportunity to assess their fitness and gained valuable insights into their current physical condition.

The brand-new giveaways from Sill Optics were well-received, and the anti-stress balls for the wrists also found popularity as a means of relaxation in the office.

Our company doctor, Dr. Schwemmle, was available for individual consultations, providing employees with the opportunity to address personal health questions and discuss preventive measures, a gesture that was warmly appreciated.

The promotional collaboration with Clever Fit Fitness Studio, featuring consultations and a prize wheel with attractive rewards, attracted considerable interest. Numerous participants expressed enthusiasm for this opportunity to promote physical fitness.

The informative lecture series on healthy nutrition provided valuable insights and practical tips for maintaining a balanced lifestyle.

An additional highlight was the back gymnastics session with TheraBands, promoting awareness of a healthy posture and offering practical exercises to strengthen the back muscles.

The active participation and positive feedback from all participants bear witness to a successful day for the well-being of our employees. We extend our gratitude to everyone who contributed to making this day an inspiring and insightful experience for the health of our team. Together, we are committed to ensuring that the gained insights contribute to a healthier work environment in the long run.