High Power F-Theta


F-theta lenses are extensively utilized in laser materials processing and find applications in various scanning systems.

However, high-power f-theta scanning systems present certain challenges. Scaling the laser power necessitates careful consideration of thermally induced phenomena and ghost reflections, which further complicates the optimization of optical configurations and the correction of major sources of errors, even during the pre-design phase. Moreover, achieving high positioning accuracy requires addressing all potential causes of distortion within the processing field.

Our high-power f-theta lenses offer an ideal solution for demanding laser material processing applications. Equipped with state-of-the-art optics, they are perfectly suited for laser welding and laser cutting tasks. Whether you require precise welds for industrial applications or accurate material cutting, our lenses deliver impressive beam quality and ensure high focus stability, meeting your exacting standards for precision and efficiency.

Additionally, our high-power f-theta lenses are widely employed in the automotive industry. They enable precise marking, welding, and cutting in the production of automotive components. Furthermore, our lenses play a crucial role in battery technology. In the production of battery packs for the automotive industry, precise machining of components is vital. You can rely on the proven performance and quality of our lenses to meet the rigorous requirements of battery technology.

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