Motorized aperture adjustment – customized integration into telecentric lenses


Variable apertures have an important advantage regarding the optimum imaging setup.

Especially for applications which require a high depth of field, the aperture size is the relevant factor to achieve a compromise between depth of field and resolution.
For most of the applications a manually adjustable aperture is sufficient, as it has to be adjusted only once at the installation process and is then kept.
For several systems in optical metrology and industrial machine vision, an automatic aperture adjustment is required, e.g. for variable environment conditions or various measurement parameters and objects.
Sill Optics offers customized automated aperture adjustments, such as motorized changeable aperture (2–3 aperture stops) or motorized variable aperture (continuous adjustment of lamellar aperture). Exchangable apertures achieve more accuracy and repeatability.
Depending on object parameters and maximum aperture size, the design can be realized compact.
The maximum adjustment of previous systems (from smallest up to largest stop size) takes less than 800 ms.
Due to a high variety of customer specifications and the range of combinable optical designs, each requirement has to be considered and implemented individually. This is also possible for prototypes and small series production.