Optics for 420 nm - 480 nm


Since new generations of blue diode lasers with sufficient beam quality are commercially available, efficient processing of non-ferrous metals or aluminum is possible.

Fiber-guided blue diode lasers with a wavelenght of 450 nm have the advantage that they are much better absorbed by copper, for example, so that the efficiency and quality of a welding process can be increased. For this purpose, Sill Optics offers f-theta optics with high aperture in order to be able to work with large input beams.

Furthermore, now there are various aspheres in the portfolio that are perfectly suited to collimate the laser beam emitted from the fiber end under certain numerical aperture. Different focal lengths are available to achieve different beam cross-sections. Sill Optics has designed the optical anti-reflective coating from 420 nm to 480 nm to cover a wide range of modern beam sources. In this range less than 0.2 % of the incident light is reflected per optical surface. The following models are available: S4LFT4125-373, S4LFT3170-373, S4LFT3250-373 und S4LFT1330-373