Sill Optics closes gap in portfolio for large format C-Mount lenses


Sill Optics is responding to the increased demand for C-mount lenses for large sensors with a new series of telecentric lenses. 

The series includes three lenses with 0.6x, 0.7x and 0.8x magnification, optimally designed for a 22mm sensor. With a high resolution, these fit perfectly on the current Sony Pregius S series sensors with 2.74µm pixel size.

The lenses can be used monochromatically as well as with white light. Use in the NIR is also possible by slightly adjusting the working distance. The lens series closes the gap in our portfolio, which now includes high resolution telecentric lenses with magnification from 0.13x to 3.0x for 1.25'' sensors.

More information can be found here: Highlights 2024