New lens series with coaxial illumination


Magnifying telecentric lenses occupy an intermediate position between macro lenses and microscope lenses.

The significant advantage compared to microscopes is the larger working distance, which is often required for the integration and automation.

As a coaxial illumination in front of the lens reduces this working distance, an integrated coaxial illumination is an advantage.

Beside our standard series, our 2x, 3x and 4x lenses for high resolution sensors up to 35 mm (APS-format) are now available with integrated coaxial illumination, too.

These lenses are offered with integrated red LED (623 nm) or 8 mm fiber-/spot port. Further versions are available upon request.

Similar to our demagnifying lenses with coaxial illumination, the polarized beamsplitter can be replaced by a non-polarized one to meet the requirements regarding the object surface.

A retardation plate is available as an add-on element to enhance the light intensity and homogeneity of the image. As the range of adjustment is more variable, an even better result can be achieved.