SWIR lenses with high resolution


To enable higher resolution for industry cameras, smaller pixels or larger sensor sizes are required.

Due to the high light demand of the InGaAs-sensors in the wavelength area from 900 - 1700 nm, the common pixel size is limited currently at 12.5 µm. To achieve a higher resolution, 2K line sensors and area sensors with 1280x1024 pixel with a sensor diagonal between 20 and 25.6 mm are offered.

The first telecentric SWIR lens of Sill Optics (S5LPJ6835) gets a “big brother” for this kind of sensors. The magnification of this lens is 0.5x and it has a design NA of 0.035 (equals F#7.0).
However, the manual adjustable iris is able to achieve a maximum NA of 0.09 (F#2.8)

Calculated with the maximum sensor diagonal of 25.6 mm and the magnification of 0.5x, the maximum object field equals 51.2 mm. S5LPJ6837 is a bitelecentric lens to offer an option for spectrometer applications or cameras with prism based multisensors.
Additionally, Sill Optics have completed its entocentric SWIR range by a new F´75 mm lens with a sensor sided telecentric design (S5LPJ6807). The minimum working distance is 500 mm and F#2.0 can be achieved.