Bitelecentric lenses for highest requirements


Larger sensors, smaller pixels get more and more popular in the industrial machine vision, e.g. the IMX series of Sony with sensor sizes of 1.1” and 4/3”.

The high sensor resolutions of 3.45 µm demand high standards on the performance of the optics.  Furthermore, these sensors include micro lens array to increase the amount of light. To avoid shading effects, just small entrance angles are to be accepted on these sensors.

We are pleased to present three new lenses for large sensors with different field sizes and high demands on performance. The lenses S5LPJ1762 and S5LPJ6162 are designed for a sensor size of 24 mm and a pixel size of 3.45 µm (e.g. Sony ImX387). S5LPJ1862 is recommended for 17.6 mm sensor diagonal and 3.45 µm pixel size (e.g. Sony IMX253). Furthermore, all three lenses are applicable for the latest Sony series “Pregius S” for 2.74 µm pixel size and 19.2 mm sensor diagonal (e.g. Sony IMX530).

The bitelecentricity of the optics ensures smallest angles on the sensor and optical vignetting and shading effects are avoided.

To ensure the compatibility with color sensors or a VIS broadband illumination, these lenses are color corrected for 400-700 nm, that means only a small lateral color aberration over the complete VIS range is visible . For NIR applications, transmision has been optimized up to 900 nm. All mentioned lenses are available with C-Mount, M35x0.75 and M42 mount.