Effective strategies for shorter delivery times


On April 15, 2024 at 10:30 a.m. Conny and Bernhard will explain our strategies for shorter delivery times.



We have invested in a modern ERP system that optimizes our entire supply chain and thereby leads to shortened delivery times. This allows us to process your orders faster and ensure you receive your products even more efficiently.



Our ongoing lean management initiative has led to notable improvements in the process chain. The new proactive approach identifies and addresses potential bottlenecks in the supply chain at an early stage.


We have reviewed and optimized our product portfolio to ensure we focus on the products that are most relevant to you. This adjustment allows us to deliver from stock more quickly.



In order to better meet your requirements, we are working on building up a comprehensive inventory. This ensures that the products you need are in stock at short notice.



We look forward to your participation!