Imaging Lenses - Accessories

The Equipment area contains lots of helpful additions to our products, such as power sources, dimmers, and power stabilisers for condensers and objectives with coaxially coupled LEDs.

The accessories section offers valuable additions to our products, e.g. current supply for condensers and lenses with coaxial LED-illumination, dimmer and constant-current control.
For condenser of S6IRIxxxx series, please order S6IRDxxx. This ensures that the current supply matches to the included LED. Our new condenser series S6LTCxxxx already includes a dimmer.

As further accessories, we offer protective glass attachments for objectives and condensers. They are simply clamped onto the corresponding telecentric objective. Please select the appropriate clamping diameter for this, modifications to smaller diameters are possible at any time.

Our lens mounts enable to fix most of our lenses and condensers up to your requirements. For series T compact, T60, T85, T120 and T150 lens mount S5SET0020 is recommended. Modifications to other diameters are possible.

Furthermore we offer a wide range of adapters. These serve as modification to a suitable camera thread and required flange focal back distance. Customized adapters are available upon request.