2x magnifying telecentric lens with integrated liquid lens


Sill Optics has developed a 2x magnifying telecentric lens with large aperture and integrated liquid lens for focus adjustment.

The realization of the large aperture for 2.74µm pixel size, 1.1'' sensor diagonal and stable imaging performance for various wavelengths has greatly increased the requirements for magnifying telecentric lenses. Adding a focus tunable liquid lens while maintaining imaging performance has been a challenge, but Sill Optics and Optotune have achieved 90 lp/mm resolution across the entire FOV using an EL16-40 with best wavefront specification in vertical alignment.

This enables the lens to provide outstanding performance for a 2x magnification telecentric lens for sensors with 12-20 megapixels with additional automated focus adjustment of at least 6mm. This product paves new ways for the fields of semiconductor inspection and precision metrology to reach milestones.

Link to Optotune Test Report

More information can be found here: Highlights 2024