Telecentric lenses for large sensor size


Manufacturer of cameras offer larger sensor sizes with smaller pixels to achieve higher resolutions following the trend.

Sensors with 50 or 100 megapixels become more interesting for machine vision, as the data volume can be handled now with more efficient hard- and software.  

No imaging system can exist without suitable optics. Manufacturer of optics are demanded regarding design and production, as the sizes of sensors increase and high resolution to the edge of the field, as well as correction of wavelength are required.  
To offer a standard selection of telecentric lenses for larger FOV, Sill Optics have redesigned and supplemented their current Correctal TDL series for large line sensors.

Five lenses with magnification between 0.65 and 1.5 are basic for sensor sizes from 56 mm to 82 mm and pixel sizes of 5.6 µm. The lenses are bitelecentric, which is an advantage for sensors with micro lenses, which have a minimum angle of acceptance regarding the incoming beams.
The supplemented series features higher stability with almost the same (mechanical) design, optimized telecentricity and a larger maximum diagonal of sensor. Standard mounts are M72 and M90. Due to its smaller diameter, e.g. F-mounts limit the usable FOV.

All lenses are color corrected and thus suitable for color sensors with Bayer-Pattern and with monochromatic sensors over the whole VIS spectrum.

The bitelecentric lenses from our existing portfolio S5LPJ1555-M72 with a magnification of 0.46 and a maximum sensor diagonal of 56 mm for 3.45 µm pixel size or S5LPJ7255 with a magnification of 1.0 and a maximum sensor diagonal of 56 mm for 5.6 µm pixel size offer additional possibilities. For years Sill Optics sells also a 0.33x lens for sensor diagonals up to 60 mm and a pixel size of 3.45 µm with a maximum AOI of 10° on the sensor (S5LPJ3005-M72)